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Old Mill Chiropractic: Not Just Health Care … “Whole” Care

by Odell Williams

Located in the historic Old Mill on Main Street in Lexington is Old Mill Chiropractic, a whole-body family chiropractic and integrative wellness center serving Lexington and the greater Midlands. Founded by Eric Nazarenko, DC (known by his patients as “Dr. Eric”), its mission is to help create a happier and healthier community by providing safe, natural and effective health care that enhances the quality, vitality and longevity of life.  

Understanding the importance of selecting the right location, Dr. Eric strategically chose to open his doors in the historic Old Mill, stating: “We love being a part of the Old Mill community. There is so much character to the building; it really allows us to create a comfortable and laidback family-friendly atmosphere while still providing a great healing environment.”

At a time when a growing number of individuals are suffering from costly and debilitating pain, the importance of choosing treatment options that are not only effective but also affordable cannot be overstated. Chiropractic care is safe and effective for people of all ages, and reduces pain without invasive procedures and prevents the onset of future problems.

What about statistics? Studies indicate that 80 percent of all Americans will experience back pain at some point. In addition, half of all working Americans admit to suffering from back pain symptoms, with it being one of the most common reasons for missed work and the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office. Amazingly enough, Americans spend as much as $50 billion each year on back pain treatment. For 42.7 percent of the nation’s workers, surgery is the first option when a medical doctor is the first point of contact. In contrast, the percentage of those electing for surgery plummets dramatically to 1.5 percent when a licensed chiropractor is the first point of contact.

Dr. Eric and his team employ a unique and comprehensive seven principle philosophy that focuses on achieving optimal health and wellness for the entire body and all of its systems. “We don’t look at our patients as numbers or even as a list of symptoms,” he explains. “It’s not just about back pain. When someone comes in our door, we care for them as a whole person—just as I would want for myself or my family.”  

Old Mill Chiropractic is an official affiliate of the 100-Year Lifestyle, a select nationwide group of doctors committed to family wellness and longevity. “The lifestyle decisions we make today greatly impact tomorrow’s quality of life,” shares Dr. Eric. “We love empowering people to make great health and lifestyle decisions. Health care is more than just getting out of pain, it’s about living the life you deserve.”

With its quality services and effective products, Old Mill Chiropractic stands ready and eager to serve patients of all ages. Children are always welcome in this family-friendly facility. Care is given based on the individual patient’s needs and preferences. Regularly engaging in community outreach, Old Mill Chiropractic offers free classes and workshops for the local community (e.g., small business lectures, lunch-and-learn series and spinal health screenings). 

The Old Mill Chiropractic team is ready to help individuals and families find effective healthcare solutions that enhance function, quality of life and increase longevity for inspired living. True health is about finding wellness and vitality and correcting the cause of symptoms leading to a wonderful and healthy life every day. Call to schedule a consultation today.

For more information, call 803-808-0711, email or visit 

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