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Natural Solutions for Allergy Season

The beautiful month of March represents the onset of spring. Flowers are popping up and blossoming trees are filling the air with clouds of pollen. Let the allergy season begin! Millions of Americans experience seasonal allergies, a condition that greatly impacts both children and adults. With that in mind, there are steps that one can take to help with—or, in some cases, even prevent—allergic reactions. One natural solution that works well for many individuals is the elimination of dairy, grains and sugar from one’s diet. All of these ingredients oftentimes cause inflammation in the body. Eating sugar suppresses the immune system and impairs one’s natural defenses against illness and infectious diseases.

Raw honey (preferably local) can be effective in helping to alleviate allergies. The honey must be in its raw state to make sure that certain enzymes remain intact. These enzymes help to minimize the production of histamine—an adverse compound released by the body’s cells as part of an inflammatory reaction. Local honey also contains small amounts of pollen. By introducing a small amount of allergen (the pollen contained in the honey) into an individual’s system, the immune system is activated and over time can build up natural immunity.

Another preventive measure is the implementation of daily nasal washes containing natural agents, such as the neti pot. It helps to keep irritants clear from the nasal passages. It is best to follow the nasal wash with a nasal spray containing xylitol—a sugar alcohol made from birch trees. It works by making it difficult for germs, irritants and pollutants to adhere to the mucous membranes and nasal tissues. Taking these simple preventive measures can provide the relief that so many are looking for … allowing for a wonderful and “breathe easy” spring season.

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