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Family Practice of Chiropractic: From Pain to Possibilities

October is National Chiropractic Health Month, and there is very little question as to the critical importance of good spinal and nervous system health. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only the common cold accounts for more lost days of work than “back pain.” Millions of people worldwide suffer from the effects of debilitating back and body pain—many desperately seeking a real solution that provides lasting relief, recovery and healing.

    This is actually what chiropractic care is all about. Imagine a natural healthcare solution that honors the body’s innate ability to heal—something that can help one reduce or eliminate pain and suffering and allow the body to function at its highest level so that one can feel his or her best every day.

    Dr. Jim Minico and his team of doctors at Family Practice of Chiropractic focus on the correction of disorders and the adverse conditions often experienced in the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. For more than 30 years, Dr. Minico has successfully treated patients suffering from back and neck pain, joint pain, radiating pain throughout the arms and legs, chronic headaches, numbness, sports injuries, and auto accidents.

    The underlying premise of chiropractic care is the elimination or reduction of spinal subluxations, which by definition are partial dislocations (misalignments) of the vertebrae. Regarded in chiropractic theory as the root cause of many health problems in addition to just pain, subluxations can restrict nerve space, thus altering and interfering with the nervous system’s ability to properly control the body’s functions. Subluxations can occur as a result of something extreme, such as an auto accident, or from something considered “routine” and minor, such as bending down to pick something up. The correction of these misalignments can relieve nerve interference, allowing the brain to better communicate with the rest of the body. This encourages and stimulates the body’s natural healing process and system functionality, leading to restoration, rejuvenation and better health and wellness.

    Family Practice of Chiropractic, in Chapin, offers a range of other services that support natural health care, such as massage therapy, injury rehab, digital X-ray, state-of-the-art spinal decompression therapy, exercise, nutrition and more. While the initial objective for new patients is to reduce or alleviate pain, there are other goals that can be achieved with chiropractic care. Once the initial stage of healing begins, patients move on to spinal and whole-body strengthening designed to achieve a more balanced and healthier state to prevent future complications. Chiropractic can benefit not only adults but also infants, children and teens.

   It’s time to get back into living well again—fully alive, active and free to enjoy your world pain-free!

    For the month of October, Dr. Minico and his staff invite you to begin the journey to natural health and wellness with a special Family Chiropractic *Gift Certificate for ONLY $27 for the first visit. 

*Includes all exams, consultations and X-rays (if necessary).

Family Practice of Chiropractic is located at 203 Amicks Ferry Rd., in Chapin. To schedule an appointment, call 803-932-9399 or visit 

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