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Do You Need a Bodyguard Against the Cold and Flu Season?

The flu and cold season has arrived. And, consequently, the important question is: Are you (we) protected? The fact is that each of us needs a health and wellness bodyguard (children and adults included). In fact, we do have one—it’s called the human immune system, and it battles each and every day on our behalf. That’s its job. The cells, proteins and chemical signals of the immune system join forces to fight against bacteria, viruses, parasites and other pathogens, such as those that cause the common cold and flu, to keep them away. For this reason, the immune system must be taken care of for it to work optimally.

    Unfortunately, the immune system can be negatively impacted by numerous factors, such as the environment, one’s diet, stress, sleep quality, travel, lifestyle choices, and many other things. The good news is that one can achieve a healthier immune system—one that can fight effectively with great success against harmful viruses and bacteria—by implementing a few helpful tips that incorporate a holistic, natural approach.

Here are a few tips that can help win the health and wellness battle:


Wash hands: Washing hands regularly is the number one key to prevent the spread of germs.

Get good sleep: Get at least seven hours of sleep a night and avoid pulling all-nighters.

Exercise regularly: Regular exercise promotes memory cell health, enhances skin immunity, and mobilizes immune cells.

Minimize stress: As much as possible, stress should be reduced—even eliminated. By practicing healthy coping strategies, like exercise or meditation, stress can be greatly minimized.

Eat healthily: A healthy, balanced diet, full of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins provides essential micro- and macronutrients as well as important phytonutrients.

Add supplements: Due to the very busy lives we lead, most are not able to maintain balanced diets. For this reason, incorporating high-quality supplements (including a zinc supplement, vitamin C, elderberry, and high-quality Echinacea) can prove very beneficial in supporting good immune health. Quality supplements help one stay fit and well, even during times of occasional stress. They actually prime the immune cells’ natural protective responses. Supplements can help give the immune system the boost it needs to keep one feeling healthy and strong, especially during immune-weakening seasonal changes and peak cold and flu season.

By incorporating just a handful of smart choices into one’s diet and lifestyle, great immune health is sure to follow—keeping you healthy and happy through every season.

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