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About Your Health: The Journey to Healing

Someone once said: “Many a good move has come out of a desperate situation,” and so it was with About Your Health. When owner Lois Bradley got sick many years ago, she felt she had an inside advantage that most did not. After all, she was a nurse who worked in a large hospital. Knowing many of the physicians in the area, she thought that all the best that medicine could offer was available to her.

    What a surprise it was to her to find out just how limited the medical community was in its ability and efforts to help to cure, and not just endure, her illness. From this perspective, Lois' story is like that of many others, marked by numerous tests, doctors’ visits and prescriptions with seemingly no relief or cure in sight—so let’s just say that utter desperation can become one’s greatest ally in the fight to survive.

    Lois was determined to be healed and not just survive. She refused to settle for a life controlled by poor health. Lois took her health back! The instant that a person desires true change, he or she will make the necessary changes. She was fortunate enough to meet many healers along the way. They have literally saved her life. And she wanted to be saved—even demanded it. If you are willing to do the work, the possibilities are limitless.

    As someone with an extensive medical background who has discovered the road back from a deep sense of hopelessness herself, Lois gets it. Many individuals depart their doctors’ offices with prescriptions in hand and will do nothing to truly change how they are feeling. However, she felt there were probably more people like her out there that were willing to take charge of and take back their health.

    Since then, Lois has decided to make a difference in the lives of others, having traveled everywhere with her microscope, her newly found hope, and her “enlightened” understanding of illness and cures in an effort to help people understand how the human body works and how important a role that nutrition plays in recovery.

    About Your Health was birthed from Lois’ journey and victory over her illness. She inherently believed that she could do it and that others could too if they were willing, as she was, to self-educate, embrace and employ the information and guidance from healers that supported her efforts. Those that are open to new information and paths toward healing, and also understand their unique responsibility to welcome change, follow through, and make the hard decisions necessary to give alternate therapies a chance to work, can experience ultimate victory too. Lois visited gyms, churches, libraries, doctors’ offices and many other health providers, all in an effort to make a difference and change lives through better health. Over the course of time, she realized that she needed a brick-and-mortar site to hang her hat and microscope. Lois’ daughter-in-law, a massage therapist, had a massage clinic with an extra room, so in December of 2003, she moved in with the goal of offering a full-service health center.

    Over the many years, and with Lois’ passion and desire to serve and help others on the journey to better health and healing, About Your Health has added numerous tried-and-true health and wellness services, such as live/dry blood cell analysis, Reams testing and nutritional counseling, a far infrared sauna, aqua-chi footbaths, innovative massage therapy, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy and thermography. About Your Health has welcomed onboard several other independent practitioners. These experienced healthcare providers offer very effective services, such as colonic hydrotherapy, chiropractic care, energy healing, myofascial release, massage and yoni steaming.

    With the understanding that the body should be treated as a whole, the qualified staff of About Your Health approach health challenges in very innovative and effective ways based upon the uniqueness of each individual. About Your Health is a progressive natural health business with personalized wellness as its goal.

    Celebrating its 15th year of service to the community, About Your Health has proven to be a leader in bringing better health, wellness and quality of life to the Midlands. In recognition and celebration of this accomplishment, the popular health and wellness provider is offering client specials throughout the year. For the month of July 20% off Live/Dry Blood Cell Analysis. Other great deals and offers include drawings for health services, $15 footbaths, 20% off thermography sessions and much more. In addition, make sure to check out About Your Health’s Facebook page and website for all of these celebration specials and upcoming events.

About Your Health is located at 120 Kaminer Way Pkwy., Ste. J, in Columbia. For more information, call 803-798-8687 or visit and

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