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Rosewood Market & Deli: Your Sustainable Lifestyle Partner!

New Year, New You … no thanks! This outdated and overused mantra emphasizes the false narrative that the you of December 31 is not enough. Companies in the wellness world have traditionally used this line to sell a product or service that they know is not part of a sustainable healthy lifestyle. In turn, there’s an expectation to have a complete lifestyle change in a matter of days, and frustration when there are not immediate results. Luckily, the wellness landscape is shifting, and Rosewood Market & Deli is helping to lead that shift here in Columbia as we celebrate our 30th year. In 2019, we have our sights set on the sustainable healthy lifestyle instead.

    To embark on this journey, first understand that consistency is key. A new lifestyle begins with small and steady daily habits. Before setting broad goals, like “getting in shape” or “eating healthy,” one should start with small shifts in daily habits, such as exercising daily for 30 minute or skipping dessert throughout the week. On the days when good habits are tough, know that it’s okay. Instead of getting discouraged when the “new you” doesn’t show up overnight, understand that a major part of achieving a healthy lifestyle is caring for one’s self and finding success through small wins, balance and consistency.

    Next, try to focus on all the good that comes from newly formed habits. Instead of thinking about things you can’t have, turn your attention to new things that can be incorporated into your new lifestyle. For example, one might add more nutritious and colorful food, or more nature time and physical outdoor activity. It’s also important to change one’s language and thoughts that help to reinforce bad habits. Instead of thinking or saying, “I can’t have those sweets,” say, “I’m choosing to do right by my body today.” If one consistently looks on the bright side of new habits, then the motivation to continue will thrive.

    A healthy and sustainable lifestyle is one of hard work partnered with positivity and self-love. So, lastly, and most importantly, be kind to yourself on the journey. This step is twofold: accept yourself as you are, and work toward the best version of that self. If you are making behavior changes as a punishment for indulgences over the holidays, you will associate a healthy lifestyle with negativity, and new habits will likely be short lived. Just because you are working hard to change, doesn’t mean you can’t love yourself in the now. Celebrate the body that is taking care of you by taking care of it right back.

    This mindset is not an excuse to slack on goals or become complacent and settle into an unhealthy lifestyle. If they are important to you, then you should certainly work hard each day to achieve these goals. Balance and hard work create a more sustainable approach. Goals should come from a place of self-love and compassion, rather than a place of punishment for what one cannot do or has not done in the past.

    At Rosewood Market & Deli, we support you—your goal setting and your goal getting! You will always find the highest-quality options to fit any dietary standard of choice. We will partner with you to achieve the best healthy lifestyle that suits your needs. Whether it’s trying CBD (cannabidiol) products for the first time or building your own power bowl food option, the Rosewood Market & Deli team is ready to offer advice, expertise and guidance to help you find health success. Come see us!

Location: 2803 Rosewood Dr., Columbia. Follow us on Instagram @RosewoodMarketSC for updates on new products and special offers. Daily motivation and inspiration is also featured. Also visit

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