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Dowdy Rudolph Chiropractic: Pain Has Met Its Match!

Dowdy Rudolph Chiropractic LLC is a leading chiropractic care center in Columbia. With more than a decade of therapeutic experience, the Dowdy Rudolph Chiropractic team has successfully taken care of the chiropractic needs of countless individuals that call the Midlands home—helping them to find relief from debilitating pain while recovering life’s vitality and vigor.

    “We've successfully treated many patients that suffer from chronic pain, and we also help individuals that have sustained personal injuries, including those that are auto accident related,” states owner Gerald Rudolph, DC. “Regardless of the source of your pain, you can trust us to help you find relief.”   

    Rudolph and his associates focus on finding the root cause of each problem—not just treating the pain. His team utilizes digital X-rays to help in diagnosis; spinal adjustments to stimulate proper movement of spinal and extremity joints; active therapeutic movement exercises to correct movement disorders; and spinal decompression to help relieve numbness and tingling down the arms and legs. Dowdy Rudolph Chiropractic also offers a state-of-the-art full-body hydromassage table that provides rejuvenation and relaxation for mind, body and spirit.

    There are numerous causes of spinal, skeletal and muscle pain and degeneration—one of them being spinal muscular atrophy. The month of August is recognized as national Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Awareness month. Impacting many individuals, SMA is a debilitating disease that robs people of physical strength by affecting the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord, taking away the ability to walk, eat or breathe. In fact, it is the number one genetic cause of death for infants. Essentially, the muscles waste away. The main reason for muscle wasting is a lack of physical activity, which can happen when a disease or injury makes it difficult or impossible for one to move an arm or leg.

    Dowdy Rudolph Chiropractic can help individuals suffering from SMA—particularly atrophy of the multifidus muscle due to a herniated disc, which can lead to low back pain. States Rudolph: “In my practice, I treat a lot people who have herniated discs that impinge or press on their spinal nerves. These nerves innervate superficial spinal muscles that help move our bodies and deep spinal muscles that help stabilize and protect the spine.”

    The multifidus muscle functions to stabilize and protect the spine. This muscle also aids in extension of the spine. Sometimes the discs between the vertebrae, which act like spinal shock pads, herniate either through trauma or prolonged poor posture. This herniation can sometimes press on the spinal nerves causing pain and cutting off innervation to the multifidus muscle. The muscle then ceases to function properly. MRIs of some people suffering with herniated discs show fatty infiltrations in the multifidus muscle—much like the marbling of a good steak.                 This marbling of the multifidus muscle is the result of atrophy of the muscle due to decreased function or use of the muscle. This decrease in proper function will often lead to pain. By decompression of the herniated disc, pressure is released off of the spinal nerves, thus relieving pain while encouraging innervation and restoration of the multifidus muscle. Moreover, specific core exercises can help restore proper function of the multifidus muscle and reverse atrophy, thus reducing pain.

    With a proven track record of excellent service and quality professional care, Dowdy Rudolph Chiropractic stands ready and able to help those suffering from debilitating pain and diminished lifestyle find treatment solutions that are effective.

Please visit Dowdy Rudolph Chiropractic at 1444 Barnwell St., in Columbia. For more information or to schedule an evaluation and treatment of a herniated disc, call 803-376-6293. Also visit

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